'Dinner Party' makes me think of martini glasses and monocles, and that ain't what I had in mind.

See, I was at work yesterday and, for whatever reason, I noticed that people my age eat horrifically badly, myself included. I mean, let's face it - good food (not even HEALTHY food) is expensive and we're all lazy mofos. It occurred to me that I can actually do something about that, at least every once in awhile.

What I'm thinking is, every few weeks on an off night, like a monday or tuesday, I'll open my doors and cook for whoever wants to eat. Dinner could be anything and entirely subject to whim. I can positively guarantee it'll be tasty, though I have no idea how I'd deal with dietary requirements apart from promising that I won't kill anybody. It'll be, at least to start, traditional american food with a suitable twist - beanless marinated steak burritos with homemade salsa, or parmesian-encrusted burgers with charred red bell peppers and garlic herbed mayo, or, hell, BLTs with a good salad and potatoes.

The point is, it'll be real meals that didn't come in a cardboard box.

Yeah, and we can play games and watch movies and chill out, too. It's supposed to be fun, after all.

I've got some questions, though, so feedback would help.

  1. What'd it be worth to you? I need to stress that I'm NOT trying to make a profit off of this, but would you be willing to throw a couple of bucks in the pot to cover my costs? How much? Or would you rather chip in beer or wine or, hell, ingredients? That could be an interesting twist - bring me ingredients and I'll turn 'em into something. I'd love to be generous and buy but, at least at the moment, I really can't.
  2. Pick a day. I'd really prefer to do it on Monday or Tuesday because those're my days off, but if this works (and because of the flexibility of my schedule) I can really do any weeknight, Monday to Thursday, starting in October. I just figured Mondays were the best for all concerned, as Mondays are generally pretty clear for everybody.
  3. How open ARE you, really? I really don't think I can do vegetarian meals as I'm an enthusiastic carnivore, and, well, I like meat. LOTS of it. I can try to make things vege-friendly, the exact meaning of which is hidden even to me. Like I said, I can promise you won't die, but that's pretty much it.

Get in touch. I'd really like to pull this off, but I need some input.

(yeah, and for those of you not in New York and the surrounding environs, well, you damn well should be.)