I know New Yorkers have a, well, let's say a surly reputation, but this is ridiculous.

I went on a date last night. A first date. A GOOD first date - within 15 minutes we were debating sorcerers vs. wizards and the most effective spells against various creatures - gibberlings and drow (damn +5 dark elf armor!) and the undead and whatnot. We were having so much fun that we walked from 49th street down to St. Marks Place (about 40 blocks), talking and laughing all the way. It was extremely odd - I mean, to randomly end up going out with a cute geek girl and talking DnD with complete comfort so quickly was...extreme.

When we hit Gramercy Park (the actual park, not the neighborhood) we came across a (drunk?) homeless guy harassing a dog walker. He was groaning and stumbling and generally being a nuisance (though if you ask me, knowing the people who live around the park my guess is the dog lady probably started it) when to my shock he lunged at her and bit her arm. I was amazed. I was also extremely embarrassed - I turned red at said 'welcome to my neighborhood' to my date, and kept walking.

She took it ok, though - we got back to roleplaying, asking each other how each of us would have solved that problem if it had come up in a campaign. Without thinking too much I said 'well, I'd cast hold undead and let the fighters in my party take him out.' She said 'why protection from the undead?' and I was all like 'oh, come on. Didn't that guy look like a zombie to you?' So we argued about what actually makes a monster a zombie or not for a bit.

We went down to Yaffa and got hummus. Walked around a bit, hit the bar (specifically to prove that jewish deadheads exist in abundance - a side conversation we had been having) and went back to my place (after pie. mmm. pie.) We watched psycho (odd choice of a movie, I think...) and passed out.

T'was an extremely awesome first date - it was tinged with enough weird to keep it memorable.

Oh, one other weird thing: when we got back to my place and were walking up the stairs, I saw the door to the apartment directly below mine open (at 4am!) and it's owner just...standing there glaring at us. He's generally a cool guy; I wonder what he was looking for?