So, I was browsing craigslist today, checking out the job classifieds and reading the "Women seeking Men" postings. Nothing ever comes from craigslist personals, but...well, you never know (and I do mean EVER. The place is like a shark tank, filled with disingenuous women and lewd, predatory men). All in good fun. And I come across this posting titled "D8?." Immediately I envision a D and D girl - self-conscious but exuberant, lost in thought, hair held back in a messy tangle by hair ties and chopsticks with that one little curl that isn't quite long enough to fit with the rest and keeps having to be brushed from her eyes.

And glasses. Oh yes.

In other words, D8 pops the image of my perfect woman (if there is such a thing) into my head. Amazing what text can do to the imagination.

I read the post and was extremely confused. Nothing about rogues or gaming or hardware fetishes or anything of the sort. I am disheartened.

And THEN it hits me that D8 doesn't refer to dice. D8 = date. aimspeak.

I could never be a scientist; I'd always see what I wanted to see.