Random Thoughts

I'm sittin' here, drinkin' beer and watching the election results come in. And it occurs to me, watching states go completely red for Bush all over the country, that I don't understand the rest of the country. I don't get how anyone could vote for Bush - the man is antithetical to everything I consider valuable and everything Jefferson et al. found valuable. He scares me. He makes me pine for the days of Civil action, when normal people held tenable, intractable power. When people were listened to.

I miss Malcolm X. I miss Eugene McCarthy. I miss Adlai Stevenson.I miss Mort Sahl, Richard Pryor, and Dick Gregory.

I want people to be angry, yet I don't know what the point'd be.

- - -

I walked passed Democracy Plaza, or whatever the hell NBC is calling Rockefeller Center for the night, on the way to my job interview. I had no idea the elections had turned into a party of this level of commercial appeal, though I don't know why I'm surprised.

- - -

Speaking of NBC...I've never had my photo taken on the way to an interview before. It totally floored me. I was used to an old New York, where business to business salesman could still get into offices without an appointment to peddle their wares.

Their elevators were odd, too - instead of hitting 'up' or 'down', you plugged your floor number into a keypad and a display tells you which elevator is yours. There are no buttons in the elevator; it takes you to your floor and goes off on its way. I was so confused by it; I felt like an idiot.