So I'm walkin' through lower Manhattan, desperately trying to find somewhere, ANYWHERE to buy a pack of smokes. That was the deal - I find the cigarettes, She buys me a beer. He provides encouragement by reminding me that, no matter how I feel about it, we need smokes and we need them now. I have been selected. It is my duty.

I can deal with that.

Anyway, I'm walking past blah street on a nicotine hunt. Ain't an easy thing in lower Manhattan 'round midnight. That part of town's a lot like DC, it shuts down once the suits leave. I pass this bar, and am asking this woman out front where to go (she has no idea) when this other woman, in two short sentences, leaves my jaw on the floor.

She asks me for a light. Me being the boy scout that I am, I whip out my zippo and, in one smooth motion, light it, light her cigarette, flick it shut against my thigh and pocket it again. It's easier than it sounds, what with G&T slowly replacing my blood with a mixture of alcohol and confidence.

She looks at me and says "Thanks. That was really Suave," only she pronounced suave to rhyme with wave. This might be the REAL pronunciation as far as I know but I grew up saying it with a soft a. I walked away grinning, thinking nah, it would've been suaver if you've pronounced suave right.

Mispronunciation happens; we all do it and we're all (hopefully) corrected on it at some point. Ah, but the irony of blowing it on that word.