In some ways I've been raised since birth to be fascinated by media. I grew up using stories on tape and old-school radio plays to fall asleep and graduated to a love of serialized television storytelling and, of course, a career (career? Not sure yet) on the outskirts of marketing.

I lead an, um...solitary?...existence. My weekends, which are breathtakingly long, revolve around catching up on media realities I've become deficient in, be those worlds on television, on DVD or online. I am in love with simulated worlds - what the hell's the point of reality when storytelling, fabulism and narrative are so utterly compelling? This is utterly backwards, but immersing yourself in media makes such simple things as cooking dinner to be an almost surreal experience because of how real it is - I've learned to relish the way a sharp knife cuts through a pepper and the Fairway Market has become as close to Six Flags as I can get in the city.

The point of all this is, I just stumbled across an hour of media I've somehow missed in my NPR-loving reality that manages to explain what I just said better than I just did - it's This American Life's 100th episode. Their topic for their 100th? Radio, obviously. Have a listen:

(It's a bit early for Valentine's Day, but this is mine.)