Call me crazy, but I like working in retail around the Christmas season.

I think it's something inherent to my personality. I like being a part of someone's life for thirty seconds - I get to say hello, be extraordinarily helpful and send them on their way. I can be crazy, brash or just plain manic and it doesn't matter all that much because I'm fairly certain I'll never see this person again. It's one ego boost after another.

I'm also a fan of customers during the holidays. Not because they're infused with Christmas cheer, oh no - most people this time of year deserve to be strung up by their toenails for having attitudes like that. No, I'm a fan of holiday shoppers because of their desperation: they need something for relative X and they need it now, so I'm able to twist their desires a bit and sell them either a. good things they never would have discovered on their own or b. things only slightly related to what they thought they wanted in the first place.

Retail at this time of year is the ideal profession for a blatant extrovert. I feel...intoxicated.