I GOT A NEW JOB! (almost).

S'true. After months of being ignored for job interviews in fields ranging from pet handlers to singing telegram deliverers, I've been granted a job I actually wanted, sight unseen.

Welcome to the bookselling business.

Starting...well, I'm not sure when, but sometime soon, I'm going to be working at labyrinth books in Washington Heights. Half a block from the cathedral, a few more blocks from Columbia University. The commute's a bitch, but you know what? It pays booksellers what they're actually worth, well, closer to it, anyway. Currently, minimum wage + manhattan apartment = DOOM! whereas this new gig might actually let me have a social life. This seems much, much better than what I've got going on now.

There are problems, but not insurmountable ones. Stage Two of my plans for world domination are nearly complete. Now all I need to do is built my FTL book delivery system and I can take ovah ze whirled! (anyone with spare parts should message me.)