Hot damn, I'm loving my new job.

It's not only the people who, admittedly, rock, nor is it the convenience of being able to walk to work or the wonderful (if slightly insane) customers - it's the books. Specifically, it's the books I get first dibs on at a substantial discount.

Case in point: 'round closing tonight, we opened up a box of new reviewer's copies from some midtown magazine editor. Nestled in the bottom of the box was the sexiest thing ever: a copy of Jeanette Winterson's new novel, Lighthousekeeping. I'd shelved who knows how many copies of it already, but this one caught my eye. It was a British print. It was a first edition. It was in mint condition.

...And it was autographed.

Taking currency conversions into account the book, unsigned, would go for thirty bucks or so new. We'd sell it for fifteen. I'd get it for seven and change. Signed as it is, it should easily go for twice that with its price appreciating over time. I still get it for seven. Once it makes it up to the rare books room, my price would double, but the advantage of working in the basement is the ability to intercept these things before they make it to the vault.

I'm picking it up tomorrow. Can't wait.