Well today was Erismas for me. Presents across the board. The ReplayTV I got for my wife finally got here from those bastards at 800.com. I'll put together a node on it once it is all setup and all. It looks cool, but it is useless if you don't have the standard cable for the area you live in. But I'm working that part out. Their service line is really good.

For me I got my doghouse bass out of the shop with a brand new bridge installed. It is really amazing how much a 5 by 5 inch piece of wood changes the way a 6 foot tall upright bass plays. It was so sweet I almost couldn't stop playing it.

The last gift was a for me and my wife gift. It was the last present for her birthday, but I have to admit that it is as much for me as it was for her. I got the playstation game "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne." It was the only thing that could drag me from my bass. I have to admit that I'm really impressed so far.

Not bad at all for a Thursday.