Russian Birthday Song

I can't explain the melody, but here are the words.

Poost begoot neooklyooshl
Peshehodee po loosham
Ee voda po asfaltoo rekoi
Ee neyasno prohosheem
V etot dyen nepogoshee
pochemoo ya vesyelee takoi

Chorus: sing twice
Ee ya eegrayoo na garmoshkye
Oo prohosh na veedoo
K soshaleneeyoo dyen roshdneeya
Tolko raz v godoo

So what if (Literally 'Let') pedestrians run
clumsily through puddles
and water is flowing along the asphalt like a river.
It's unclear to the passers-by
On this horrible (from the point of view of weather) day
Why I am so happy (merry).

I am playing the accordion.
In front of (in the sight of) the passers-by
Unfortunately, my birthday
Is only once a year.
(Repeat the last two lines)