A small town located in the panhandle of Texas, Dumas only has a population of 13,000 people (which should be larger after the census results come in).

Dumas is the largest town in Moore County, and is the county seat.

Dumas' main source of employment is located roughly 16 miles North of town in a meat packing plant known as Con-Agra (formerly Monfort and Swift before that). Several other corporations are settled in around Dumas, such as Diamond Shamrock and Phillips Petroleum. Although these businesses are very important to the panhandle area, their employment numbers are small.

Dumas has just one high school, one junior high, and 4 elementary schools. The high school, Dumas High, is a 4A high school. Although the students are very active in sports, only the volleyball team shows any real promise.

The Dumas climate is very favorable with an average precipitation of 18.33 inches, and roughly 15 inches of snowfall per year. The temperature rarely rises above 90 degrees and the humidity generally stays below 20%.