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Density = mass per unit volume (m/v)

Pressure = P = (F┴) Force per unit area(on a surface)

( A ) Pressure of point in a fluid due to depth is called the Hydrostatic pressure(fluid not in motion). (Pl = ρgh).

Any pressure on the surface of a fluid is distrubuted throughout all parts of the fluid. P at the bottom of a fluid container = Patm + Pl.

Archimedes principle = The difference in Pl between the surface and bottom of a submerged object causes the buoyancy force. If the Fbuoyant < Objectweight then the object will rise. If Fbuoyant > Objectweight then the object will sink. Fbuoyant = Displaced Fluidweight.

Fluid classifiers -

  • compressible, non-compressible
  • viscous, non-viscous
  • turbulent, laminar flow

    *Continuity equation: (mass flow rate = ρ1A1V1 = ρ2A2V2)
    For an incompressible liquid, ρ is constant and the continuity equation = (mass flow rate = A1V1 = A2V2)

    Bernoulli's theorem - basically, conservation of energy applied to fluids.

    1/2 pv ^2 = KE,
    ρgy = PE,
    P = work(to move a unit of fluid a distance, x)


  • Density = ρ = M/ V
  • Pressure = F┴/ A
  • Volume flow rate = J = ΔV = A v/ Δt
  • Stress = σ
  • Strain = ε
  • Force constant(or spring constant) = k
  • Period = T
  • Frequency = ƒ = 1/ T
  • Amplitude = A
  • Angular Velocity = ω = 2πƒ
  • Wavelength = λ
  • Wave number = k = 2π/ λ
  • Intensity = E/A t = Pav/A
  • Intensity level = β

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