'Uggs' as they are commonly called, are the product of the brand named UGG Australia. Ugg Australia has created some of most popular footwear. The footwear is mostly made of sheepskin and fleece fibers. Uggs got their name because when they were made, many thought they were 'ugly.' The most popular type of an Ugg product includes Ugg Boots. Even though these boots are viewed as ugly, they are very comfortable. They are pretty much like portable mini ovens for your feet.

The original Ugg boots were made for solely made for women, had a taller look and consisted of the colors of sand and chestnut.

Currently, the boots come in different styles, including tall, short, mini, slipper and clog. They also come in different colors such as: lilac, orchid, cornflower, black and chocolate.

In addition, Ugg Australia has broadened their product line and made more casual footwear instead of just the standard boot. Moreover, the brand has included men's and children styles and sizes.

The price for this type of footwear is a bit high; however it seems justified by the quality, value and comfort provided.