The following is an appeal to the citizens of Everything2. I know that what you are about to read may sound insane, and outlandish, but I am not playing any sort of prank. I am completely serious.

My girlfriend just moved to my city from California. We began dating about 3 weeks ago, and the relationship is fairly strong, though she is very very shy about herself, and around others.

She met another girl, a member of my circle of friends, and they had almost immediate chemistry. One morning before school, they were talking in hushed tones, and I overheard snippets that made me suspicious. I gently confronted them about these suspicions, and about a week later, my girlfriend wrote me a note that basically confirmed my thoughts.

My girlfriend can see, talk to, and interact physically and verbally with ghosts. The aforementioned friend can too. In fact, this friend has an entire ghost family she knows. The one my girlfriend knows is apparently jealous, and here is the reason I know they can interact physically with the living.

This ghost has apparently raped my girlfriend.

Furthermore, she was apparently possessed last night, and was forced to write a note on behalf of the rapist ghost, that basically told me to stay away from her, “or else”.

I know this all sounds crazy. I have been struggling with these events for the past week, going back and forth between total belief and half-skepticism. I’m torn, because these girls are completely sincere, I’ve never seen them so serious, my girlfriend especially, she has been believably and understandably shaken. I feel so helpless, because here she is being abused, and by whom? Paranormal spiritual beings that are apparently amoral and not bound by all of the laws of physics.

I have been wrestling with my logical mind and my heart, my mind saying that this could be a psychological problem, and my heart telling me that I could be completely wrong and alienate my girlfriend. I can’t tell her she’s imagining things, because I don’t fully understand and comprehend the presence of spirits, and I don’t doubt the possibility that there are those who can. If it was just her, and not her and the friend that could, with totally separate experiences, I could maybe convince myself to completely doubt. But I’m letting my emotions and my trust in her win out. I have pledged to support her until I have been shown that what’s going on is a hoax.

The events of the past week have brought me to the end of my rope, and I now turn to the noders of Everything2. If anyone here who reads this can relate to the description of my experiences, or has had paranormal experience, please, I beg of you, email me or IM me on AIM. If you’ve seen spirits, can talk to ghosts, have been abused by ghosts, or anything similar, please help me out here.

See the bottom of this daylog for my email and AIM name.

I know this sounds insane, but I am between a rock and a hard place, and I want to make sure this is completely phony before I become a complete skeptic.

I am dead serious about this, make no mistake. If you want to tell me I’m insane and that my girlfriend and friends should be put in a mental institution, don’t waste your time.

Thank you, Everything2 citizens, for reading. Happy noding.

Email : AIM : JDooty2234