Also the name of a 1980 Jethro Tull album. The style had changed from rennaisance to sci-fi, and there was a much more computerised sound to the music, accented by Moog synthesizers. Also, their bass player, John Glascock had died in 1979.

In 2003 a super deluxe special DVD/CD 2-pack reissue was heralded by Tull fans. This package contained the DVD of "Slipstream", a concert/"video" show containing both live performances of Tull songs, and music videos for a few songs.

Tracklisting: 1. Crossfire
2. Fylingdale Flyer
3. Working John, Working Joe
4. Black Sunday
5. Protect and Survive
6. Batteries not Included
7. Uniform
8. 4WD -- Low Ratio
9. The Pine Marten's Jig
10. And Further On

Furthermore, the original issue CD is out of print. It sounded like shit anyway.