The weekend was a bit of a cliché for these days of pandemic. We checked our stores and hunkered down and watched The Seventh Seal. I drank a Corona. Monday I finished some work from home.

On Tuesday, the province joined those places that have closed non-essential services. "Essential" around here includes liquor stores. The Canadian parliament, meanwhile, will reconvene and decide the next steps on the national level-- the PM has already been consulting with the various parties and factions. While all possible and legal moves will be considered, he has stated that, for now, the COVID-19 pandemic likely won't be declared a national emergency.

Reasonable steps. Sometimes, however, the messages are mixed.

Take gloves, for example. We're being encouraged to wear gloves to the store. Some time ago, we bought a large box of those disposable blue ones. Wearing them makes us look like those assassins from the Blue Sun Corporation in Firefly. So I have started wearing those when I shop.

But I'm afraid that just wearing gloves and keeping a reasonable distance from other customers isn't good enough for all retailers.

I wore mine to the grocery store this morning, and they wouldn't let me in.

Apparently, you have to wear clothes, too.