1. People, it's a pandemic. It's not Armageddon. Reasonable measures will help us get through this situation. Acting like jackfuggin' flaming arseholes will make it worse for everyone. We've done pandemics before. They're endemic to human history. They are, to a superlative degree, most decidedly not fun. They leave dead bodies and broken hearts. But they're not the end of the world. They pass. Most people who get this version of the Coronavirus will experience an irksome but decidedly non-fatal reaction. For the aged and those with compromised immune systems it will, of course, be far more serious, and more serious measures will make sense in those cases.

2. Have adequate supplies on hand, of course. Fill your prescriptions. Stock up a little. But do not hoard. You do not need to deprive others. You do not require vast and unchartable rolls of toilet paper. This is COVID-19. It is not chronic dysentery.

3. Tinfoil Hat Conspiracists: congratulations on your continued and wholly predictable alarmism and idiocy. I will not repeat any of your sub-moronic claims here. As I noted two points ago, we have always had to deal with pandemics. They are not the result of a global conspiracy to wreck the economy, raise alarm, remove your rights, and kill a teeny-tiny percentage of the population.

The mutation of viruses is a well-documented phenomenon. Disease has spread faster in recent history, due to the ease of global travel. Several weighty tomes exist regarding the influence of diseases and pandemics throughout history. Educate yourself by reading one of them. Alternatively, you could hit yourself in the head with one. That won't educate you, but I don't see how it will make anything worse for the rest of us.

4. If your government has lied blatantly about the virus in its early days, or worked against science, sane medical policies, and proper medical testing, do what can be done to establish a government that will behave more helpfully and appropriately the next time a serious medical problem arises.

5. Take reasonable measures in order to protect yourself. Look out for those near you. The odds very much favour you talking about this pandemic in the past tense, possibly sooner than you might think.