So I was plagiarized on Reddit.

Someone calling himself "whodunit72" started this thread, one of a "series" of articles he claims to have written examining unsolved Canadian mysteries. I'm going to guess the others aren't his, either. The piece cut and pastes my write-up here on Mistie Murray, which I posted on August 2, 2004 and have updated a few times since. Avalyn alerted me to the situation-- thanks! The thread is closed at this point, so I cannot add to it. I have messaged a moderator of that subreddit, messaged the thief (though that person has not logged back on in some time), and filled out a complaint with the site.

How difficult would it have been for "whodunit72" to just link to my original write-up? Or even re-post it with credit? It's not as though this person will gain financially or get a better grade in a course. Those things would be stolen, but they would represent a benefit.

This twit will get Reddit karma. For something they didn't do. Which he probably would have received for just posting the article with credit and leading the same discussion that ensued.

Look ma! I got Reddit KarmaTM for claiming authorship of a decade+ old article I found online!

Alas, even this did not bring him happiness.

Elsewhere in his discussions, he whines that his "writing" isn't getting enough traction at Reddit. Well, dang it. His plagiarized body of work hasn't made him King of Reddit yet.

Against the backdrop of serious injustice in the world, burning forests, melting icecaps, ranting world leaders, vile assaults, reawakened fascism, and even the sort of local calamity covered in my last daylog, I don't expect a lot of sympathy, but, sheesh, this guy's complaint is some kind of achievement in pathetic.

Update: Reddit has removed the offending post.