In my dream I live in Antarctica. I am aware I'm near the very tip of the Antartic Peninsula (the one that points towards Patagonia). Oddly, it's only mildly cold, and I'm perfectly able to stay outside. I know this is because it's summer. But on the other hand, it's night, which is impossible. There are about a dozen houses in the village I live, all of the neighbors are Scandinavian and very friendly. We hang out at someone's porch1 (maybe mine, I'm not sure) and chat.

Someone's 2- or 3-year old boy keeps on leaning at the balustrade1 and it collapses, repeatedly. Since we're at the second floor, I have to grab the kid every time so he doesn't go splat on the ground.

After the chat, I walk a few meters away from the house and I see a meteor shower. It's beautiful. One of the meteors hits the ground at visible distance (200m or so) and red-hot fragments jump up. I am mildly worried I might burn myself. Then I wake up.

1 The fence-like, wooden thing that keeps you from falling out. Please /msg me if "porch" and "balustrade" are the wrong words; I'll correct and delete this parenthesis. I'm not a native English speaker.