Two dreams, one right after the other:

One: I was at my living room, watching TV with my wife. It was a cartoon of The Hulk, and he was having a big fight with a supervillain in the middle of the city, as Marvel Super Heroes often do. The drawing looks like that The Avengers spoof Cartoon Network runs as a companion feature to Dexter's Laboratory, but it isn't supposed to be a spoof, it's the proper Marvel Comics character.

Wife asks, "Doesn't the Hulk ever kill anybody?" I answer, "No, he doesn't, not even by accident. The writers won't allow it." As if just to contradict me, the Hulk throws a car at the villain. He misses the villain, but it turns out there were six people in the car, and they look suspiciously like Powerpuff Girls extras. We see six little winged ghosts going up, with sound of harps.

The Hulk seems as shocked as we are. He gets really angry, jumps at the villain adn starts beating the living daylights out of him. Now they are fighting on a cargo train. This segment of the dream is aborted.

Two: I have to do (again!) a network consulting job. This time I have to install a Unisys tape drive (do they make or sell tape drives? I suppose so, they sell servers) at a customer. I earn the grand total of R$ 0.60 for the job -- yes, that's 20 cents of a dollar! And I don't complain!

The equipmant is big, if looks like something out of a sixties computer. I carry it along the street with some difficulty, but the customer's offices are not too far away. However, I wake up before I get there. Maybe I could have completed the assignment if they paid more.