I was in my real bedroom, with my real wife, watching my real TV. An X-Files episode was on. I acknowledged this was a repeat during the teaser, in which some black guy somehow saves his companions (they're running from something really evil in a dark, pipe-filled basement) by sacrificing himself -- he touches a live wire and is very graphically electrocuted. Somehow this is necessary.

After the start credits, suddenly things are slightly different. For some reason, I know the playing episode is a part 2 of 2, and we had missed part 1 of 2. But the teaser was that of part 1. Anyway, there was this huge ant approaching a car with our heroes, Jurassic Park-like. Scully gets out of the car and shoots the living shit out of the ant. Its hugely disproportional head collapses and an ant-headed man emerges, starting to talk about unimportant things. I think, "shoot him, dammit!"

Suddenly we're no longer watching XF but me & wife are in an elevator which we know is capable of going to five different floors. But it goes up and down in a kinda drunken way, and all doors are open. Not nice.

When it's in the 5th floor, I jump out to get help. The 5th floor is an aerospatial museum in a cellar. There are neat square holes in the floor, and I almost fall through one, but I grab the edge.

And then I wake up.

(I recognize one of the influences to this dream, and it is e2. This recent writeup of mine, maybe combined with my thought of starting to contribute to the Dream Log.)