The stunt (or sport) of standing on the bonnet of a car while the driver handbrake turns around and rapidly accelerates. More similar to riding an angry bull in a rodeo than traditional surfing, the car being surfed on will typically have two ropes attached to it. One attached from either side of the front of the bonnet (ie: near the headlights) and the other strung from the tops of the front windows, or attached around (or near) the side mirrors. These ropes should be loose enough so that the surfer can hold them tight while he is standing at full height. These ropes can aid someone attempting a space walk.

Old cars are preferable to new cars for car surfing, for a couple of reasons. One is that the bonnet metals are generally stronger and more resistant to denting (as well as being flatter - new cars tend to have curving lines, and the bonnet can drop away quite steeply at the end), and the other is that old cars are less maneuverable, being safer for the rider by not allowing extremely quick turns to be made - I'd rather surf in my car than a Subaru Impreza WRX. Car surfing will usually be accompanied by teenagers drinking alcohol, and it is an especially popular event for bogans.

TheBooBooKitty asks about the possibility of car surfing on the roof of a car, a la Teen Wolf. This is not recommended, for in addition to it not being the correct way (hell, I guess I'm a traditionalist), it is worse for a few other reasons:
  • The roof is more prone to denting - you don't want to damage the car (too much)
  • It is easier to keep balance on the bonnet than the roof
  • It is further to fall from the roof than the bonnet. Things like this matter, though not much.