A friend of mine once got a cat, for free natch. It was wire-thin, having spent the first couple of months of its life as a stray, but it would eat anything and everything, and in huge amounts too. This cat once ate three or four rashers of bacon, and my friend had to hide all his food in cupboards and drawers where the cat couldn't get at it.

As you could guess, it soon got to be a right fat little bastard, and as it grew up it just became a fat bastard. It's days of running around eating everything were numbered, but even with various diets and only being fed one meal a day, the cat still swelled to the proportions of a middle class white American child with $50,000 in McDonalds' vouchers.

So now, if you go to their house, you will most likely see the cat sitting on the sofa like a person with its front paws in the air. With its eyes half closed, and the mumbled "rowr" it occasionally emits when addressed or petted, it resembled for the death of me Marlon Brando in the aforementioned movie.

This cat is the Godfather.

Wasn't sure what to categorize this, but hey, cats are people too