It's not possible for a combination of punk rock and classical (Not even The Fall's 'The Classical' does it). Punk rock values speed and simplicity (I'm being a bit basic here, but it illustrates my point), classical usually appreciates technical skill and complex songwriting. They're as different as chalk and cheese - punk up classical music a bit and it stops being classical, and vice versa. It's mathematically impossible (mind, I'm no mathematician) - You'll end up with something that is neither punk *nor* classical, definitely not both. Granted, Phillip Glass, Karlheinz Stockhausen are classical composers, but are nowhere near punk. Bands which are closer to the rock end of the spectrum who embrace elements of classical music might be Spiritualized or John Cale, but they are definitely not punk. Even the friggin' Beatles used an orchestra, so does that make them a classical/rock combination? No.

A good question is; why would you want it to work? punk is (or was, if you're from that school of thought) about something fresh and exciting and provocative. Classical is an old music (as if you couldn't tell from the name), and hence pretty much goes against everything that punk stands for.

Alex-K and ymelup, who mention some punk bands doing a Beethoven Sonata or whatever; a punk band doing a classical cover does not make a punk/classical hybrid band. To put it so more users of E2 would understand, does a PC running an arcade emulator make the system some sort of arcade/computer hybrid machine?

Genres separate out for a reason.

As John Peel says about the Afro Celt Sound System; "...although it's true those things are cross-cultural, multi-fusion sort of things, they can also be bollocks. 'What you need is reggae with bagpipes'. No you don't." - Same goes (IMHO) for classical and punk.