It's a very nice world of music that All the time Nina wishes for, unfortunately even if everyone in the world started boycotting overpriced releases and downloaded all their music off the internet, it would neither cause the collapse of the Recording Industry Association of America nor any of it's non-U.S. equivalents.

Why? Because although the industry's primary concern is gaining money from huge markups before it ever reaches the distributor, it has enough sense to at least watch it's back. Since the audio cassette tape commenced production, some of it's cost to YOU, the consumer, has always been returned to the associated industry to cover "lost profits". You can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as writable and re-writable CDs were available that part of the tax went there as well; even if you only wanted to copy data or use them as frisbees.

Still, some companies have reluctantly embraced the internet, but it is not a tried-and-true method of making money, so of course you can see why it's not more widespread. So, copy all you want, but I doubt you'll be getting rid of the bloated system any time soon.