Album by the Stooges released in 1976. Three tracks taken from a Michigan Palace, Detroit show from the 6th of October 1973, and three are from 'The Last Ever Iggy and the Stooges Show' at the same place in 9th February 1974. To quote Lester Bangs, the late great rock critic; "It's the only rock album I know where you can actually hear hurled beer bottles breaking against guitar strings". Iggy taunts the audience throughout the gig, who respond by throwing ice and bottles. Nick Kent, rock journalist for NME said; "I'm convinced that the last ever Stooges show is a masterpiece.

The sound is very good, given the circumstances in was recorded in. Iggy is in top form and never misses a beat; "This doesn't mean anything, I'm just doing what I wanna do!" The Stooges provide the perfect backdrop for Iggy's onslaught in true rock'n'roll style - pounding drums, screeching guitars and thick, heavy bass.

This album was never intended for a release - two fans who had recorded the shows passed the tape on to James Williamson (the Stooges guitarist, who at the time was an apprentice sound engineer) who fiddled with the tapes to make them sound better. Williamson sent one to Nick Kent who then sent it to Skydog Records boss Marc Zermati; later Williamson sent the other tape directly to Zermaiti. The album was released two more times, it's second incarnation a double LP edition in 1988, and a double CD version in 1998 that brought the albums' total to twelve . Iggy Pop went on of course to release his first two solo albums in 1977; The Idiot and Lust For Life, with the help of David Bowie

Tracklisting (*'s denotes bonus track)

A.1)*Heavy Liquid*
A.2)*I Got Nothin'*
A.3) Rich Bitch
A.4)*Gimme Danger*
A.5) Cock In My Pocket
A.6) Louie Louie

B.1) Raw Power
B.2) Head On
B.3) Gimme Danger
B.4)*Search And Destroy*
B.5)*Heavy Liquid*
B.6)*Open Up And Bleed*