I have an examination type thing in under nine hours. Instead of studying though, I made a mix CD.

Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored -- Demo version off Garage Flower. Unfortunately I've been listening to this one so much, the final album cut is sounding strange and overproduced.
McLusky - Joy
Captain Beefheart - Upon The Me Oh My (Live) -- From the London 1974 release.
Trans Am - Play In The Summer
Cat Power - He War -- I've never been a fan of Cat Power much, always seemed soft whiny femi-rock (I don't like P.J. Harvey either), but this song is really, really, good.
Sonic Youth & Lydia Lunch - Death Valley '69 -- I was kinda annoyed to find that this track on the Plow! No Wave compilation is the same as on the Bad Moon Rising album, but it's still a great song.
Low & The Dirty Three - Down By The River (Neil Young cover)
The Saints - Brisbane (Security City)
The Pixies - Trompe Le Monde
Akufen - Nag Nag Nag -- Actually, this is a Cabaret Voltaire song that's been remixed by Akufen, but it sounds nothing like the original, so I'm going to call it a cover.
The Fall - L.A.
The Hard-Ons - Something About You
Tortoise - Djed
Pulp - Babies
Arturo Stalteri - Here Come The Warm Jets (Brian Eno cover)