on Note 13
A failed attempt at a /msg

Taken in the context of the surrounding lines, it looks as if hic is going to be the adverb 'here,' or, 'this place' instead of the pronoun 'this.' Hic would then refer to Uffern just above it. Now we have a case of por unattached to a verb, suggesting a gapped verb. If we steal 'liberate' from the next line, we can translate: "This place (Uffern, hell) where no one from my family ( in progenie , in a family, in a progeny) may be freed (liberate(d)-forth, ~ por )." Maybe that's no better. What a poor line. It follows, though, since Taliesin is obviously referring to Jesus (Ruler of Heaven, Sovereign King of Glory, strong lord , virtuous lord ), and Jesus was said to have swept through Limbo and rescued some percentage. It could, as the poet's ancestors would have been pagans and therefore relegated to Limbo that the reference to family means as much, so he's simply pointing out what part of Hell specifically Christ swept through, that part where his unbabtized ancestors dwell.