for a while
being the swept dust
I slept in the corner

nobody was warm
that I knew of

and after a while
they just stopped
and I didn't

I saw them today
where they break everything down
and they had me for coffee

now I'm back
and I can't get this spoon
out of my eye
in a bad way

for a while
I knew, and what
really drives me nuts

is I knew
and when she asked me
to sit down, I sat

like a hooligan

I knew everything
before the confession
there is no miracle
to come, just a sneaking suspicion

the walls have slipped
down the hill, each side
and there are no more corners
in which to hide

and the people now
are tangible as smoke
untouchable, and all I want is touch

to hold for a while
the air she displaces
to know the contours of her face

I was let go and shown
that nothing means anything
and even ambiguity is a ruse