By far one of my all-time favorite game adventures! Not only did this game have an excellent storyline and unique characters, but it was just plain fun!

Granted, the narrator was a little annoying at times, and sometimes it gets hard to figure out what to do, but the in-game riddles were so funny.

For example: A stick-in-the-mud and a bump-on-a-log were arguing brothers. It can be inferred that their mother is the nearby dogwood tree. There is a rotten tomato that gets very snappy with you. A bookworm, an incomplete sentence - which is used as a bribe to catch a dangling participle.

There is an oyster bed, with sleeping oysters in little beds. Spelling bees, gnomes, druids, and a genie.

There are different ending details within a single major ending type. The terrain and locations are beuatifully done, and Alexander, the hero of the adventure, is a genuinely pure-hearted man, who just happens to be a prince.

There are a couple of hints at Celtic and Greek lore, and even a dark pegasus! I give kudos to Sierra for making this game, the only King's Quest game I ever played or really had an interest to.