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The Middle of the Seventies
The Midst of the Internet
The Beginning of the Age of the Spiritual Machines®™²³©And Then Some™♥…
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Maybe, I should quit using cigarettes and coffee. I have quit the smack, the crack, the random hack, the attack on the random passer-by whose comfort discomforts me. I don't drink unless necessary for my upward mobility. When I can afford a warm place to plug in a coffee pot and ashtray I will reconsider whether I would like to use them in lieu of breakfast or anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. Until then, my mornings are dangerously unsettling, now that I have my basic needs and I want security and socialization and self-esteem and hope for eventually attaining self-actualization. Hazelton… I have yet to node anything worthwhile, though I have been lurking for years. It has been a while, but my participation at E2 has potential for fixing my problems on the webs and on the streets and in my mind.
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