I would just like to add that just because music is not popular does not make it good, either. I know you are probably thinking that this is obvious...but hear me out. I know quite a few people who love just being into bands that no one else has heard of so they end up listening to horrible music that they would never listen to if it was popular. I'm not quite explaining myself correctly...Okay. I love finding odd music and getting my friends all hooked on it. I think most people do. I was very proud of myself when I came back from France with a whole bunch of kick-ass music no one in the States has heard of...BUT I will not listen to crappy music just because no one else has heard of it. Just the same, I will not disregard a group just because they are popular because then one is faced with the problem: what happens if when I discovered them when no one knew them and now they're mutli-platinum (with me, this was Garbage-do you remember when Vow was their single? Fiona Apple, etc)? Quite a dilema. Also, there are the people who are very much into classic bands. Although I aggree that time is the true test, just because it is old and still popular, does not mean you have to like it (I admit, I don't like the The Grateful Dead or The Beatles. Music becomes so entangled with image and so many other factors, it becomes so altered that I understand one's interest in finding underground bands and such, but when it comes down to it: Listen to what you like, just everything a try.