I've always joked that my grandest goal in life was to be the muse of someone fabulous. Not a Dora Maar who was depicted as a symbol of war, with her face constantly rearranged and tears sobbing out of her misplaced eyes. Rather, maybe an Olga Kolkov or Marie-Therese Walter.

Inspiration, I suppose, can be found anywhere, but to be the person who changes art by just being so beautiful, so radiant, so incredible as to affect an artist that much...it must be quite gratifying.

It is not just the entrance into the art world, a world that immortalizes great people, places, ideas and things; but it is having someone who sees me as beautiful and can capture that. Just in the way one takes a photograph of another, that relationship is captured. Plenty of muses have been the lovers of the artist and although they must put up with all that being involved with a "creative type" entails, they are shown how much they are truly adored by the person they are with.

To be a muse is not to be superficially attractive, it is to exist for someone else as a person who posses something that others do not. Perhaps, if I spend enough time among those "creative types" I will eventually be seen as art.