A year ago from today, a major tragedy fell upon us. Through that tragedy we have learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a community. A year and one day ago, a major tragedy fell upon us as well. Through that tragedy we have learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a community (and yes, we are a community).

First of all, a year ago we, not only as a country, but as a species, witnessed the most tragic and sinister acts ever committed. I do not have to go into details as to what happened, as it brings back haunting memories to some, but there is no doubt in my mind that those haunting images remain in each and every one of our minds. Now is a time to reflect about the major loss of life and show the world how it has taken us less then a year to recover from this tragedy. This shows how strong we are.

A year and a day ago, we, as a community here at E2, experienced another tragedy. We lost a very talented noder. Now, this noder was before my time, so I can not say that I knew him. But after reading his writeups especially his daylogs, I sure wish I did know him. He seemed like one of those few people who can make a difference in your life through what he says. But we have bounced back as a community.

Now is a time to reflect on these losses. I have reflected about the said noder who we lost with several of my noder friends. Of the tragedy of 9/11, we reflected and remembered today in school. Our school lit up candles in remembrance of this event. Each candle was individually named, representing the three thousand and thirty one people who lost their life. The candles are shaped in a heart, and around the heart are written the words "We," "NY, "DC," and "PA." It's hard to illustrate, but it shows that "We Love NY...We Love DC...We Love Pennsylvania."

I am glad that we have gone through this day without any more trouble. We remained united through these hard times showing the world how we can always stand tall no matter what problems come upon us. Now, before I leave, I would just like to express my regrets and deep sympathies to anyone who was hurt by either of these tragedies.