Well, today was a pretty jam-packed day. Where to begin? Today was the second day of our two-day orientation required for our cheap ass university. Don't ask me what happened, because I skipped most of the day. It's just an excuse to get some of your money (you had to pay $40 to apply for it). I finally registered for classes for the Fall term--my first term in college.

That's only phase one of my day today. Phase two involves my little nephew's second birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry, but he isn't one of those super-babies--he can't read yet. But when he's old enough to read I'm sure he's going to read this and other cool stuff on E2. He's cool like that.

Oh yes, I forgot--my uncle, his family, and my grandparents, just got back from Saudi Arabia today. They went to Mecca and Medina, and boy I wish I could have gone with them. They did an Umrah, which is very simliar to a Hajj, but just not during the Hajj season.