If anyone has noticed, for the past week or two I have been on sort of a noding rage. I've been noding like crazy, and finally it all pays off. With this writeup, I am now at level 4. Not only do I get more votes (which is always good), but I also get the power to C!! Oh, level 4, how I've been waiting for this moment since my first arrival at E2.

Well, not really. I never expected to be at level four. I wanted to just get to level two, and get the voting power, and that's it. Just chill from then on. But oh no, somehow, I started noding until I got to level 3. More votes. Then I'm like, What the fuck? Why not just go all the way for level 4? Well, that's exactly what I did.

Now here I am. Standing here as a level four noder. The power of C! at my side. Oh, I can't wait to start searching the new writeups to see what I should C! first. This is so cool!

Well, anyway, some other news. College begins in about a month. Oh, I can't wait for that either. Now that is gonna be cool. According to a few of my friends, college is just going to be "High School: Part Two." This is probably because we all (well, most of us) decided to go to the same school, which is like five to ten minutes away from our high school. A few of my friends have went to prestigious schools (such as Columbia, UC Berkley, Georgetown). But hey, what's wrong with FIU?

Well, anyway, I'll be leaving now, I'm too excited, and can't wait to begin my first day at level four...