In my four months or so here at E2 I have noticed some things. First off, I have noticed a lot of crap one line writeups which basically tell us nothing. Nothing at all. These writeups that I have seen I'm actually trying to rewrite them and make them better.

The second thing that I have seen is that the authors of these crap writeups haven't been logged on for months, maybe even years. I look through some of the other writeups by these specific noders and all i see is a huge list of crap-ass writeups which leads me to believe that they were huge supporters of NFN. Again, I, along with another friend of mine, try to re-write those writeups into longer writeups which may be of some use to the E2 community.

Now, I come across a theory. Now, this theory has probably come across every noder here, but it doesn't matter. I'm gonna say it anyway, because it's new to me. Noders who node for numbers do not get the true feel of the E2 experience and get bored of it real quick. Hence, they leave the site quickly. Instead, said noders should try to do quality writeups, and take time in actually reading some of the cool shit which is on this site.

Just recently I saw some new noder, level 1, no writeups yet, doing many writeups, all at one time. They had nothing to do with the topic. They were just random sentences in a random node. For example, under a node for square toes he/she stated that Creed sucked. Now, I haven't seen this individual logged on for a few days, and all his writeups got nuked. He probably got bored, because he was NFN.

So to sum it all up: NFN bad.