Let me review my boring summer so far. What have I done?


Hmm...Can't think of anything. I have wasted my entire summer doing absolutely nothing. I am bored as hell. What is there to do? Well, I do some noding here on E2. I look around, find interesting stuff to read.

But it's getting harder and harder to go online, due to my new found love...Tennis 2K2. Let me tell you, that game is awesome. I've spent nearly my entire summer playing that game.

Still, I feel that my summer is going to waste. I've recently rekindled my obsession with Emily Dickinson. Damn, she wrote some badass poetry, to say the least. Still, I try to read, but can't. I'm just too lazy.

I came back from Orlando the other day. It was a long four hour drive. It was pretty cool. No Disney World though. It was more of a religious thing, called a "jamaat."

I can't wait for August 28, 2002. My first day of college. There's really nothing else to do this summer but to anticipate the start of school.