I hate fuckers who can't drive. I wanna fucken kill 'em and leave a note why their life had to come to a sudden halt. Why you ask am I suddenly all bent on killing every muthafucka who steps on the accelarator instead of the brake? Well, it all happened like this.

About a month or two ago, a duck with nine kids came to the back of our house, probably looking for some food to fill up her kids. Fast forward about a week or two, and I notice that the count of the kids are down to about seven or so. I'm like, How did they suddenly disappear? Could it be some fuckers driving o'er them, or could it be some other fuckin bastards duck-napping them? I let it pass, and continued to feed the remaining ducks. Fast forward another week or two. We're now down to five ducks. What the fuck?!

Enter today. Early in the morning there were still five little ducks. I fed them. A few hours later they came back, but this time with only four little kids (well, their not really that little anymore). Well, this has happened a few times before, so it wasn't too unusual. I mean, usually the fifth duck is out chillin somewhere. So I didn't take it all to serious. I gave the ducks some food, thinking the fifth kid would come back. Still no answer. So I checked around my the outside of my house, and couldn't find it. I'm like That's odd. At this age, ducks are usually a bit more careful.

So I'm like whatever. I go outside to put the license plate on my new car (we bought it a month ago, and got the tag a few days ago, so I was putting it on). After I was done and everything, my eyes just happened to wander off to the road....

There the little duck was. The head was missing. At that point it became pretty fucking obvious. Too many fuckers are blind. And blind fuckers can't drive. Damn, I was pissed. For all I know, the first four missing ducks could still be alive living as some duck-nappers hostage. But this last duck, I saw it with my own three (uhh..I mean two) eyes. I just wish people could be more careful.