Well, today I'm headed off for Orlando. This will be the second time this summer I go there, but it will mark the first time I'm going there for Disney World. We will be driving up there with my cousins, which will probably take four hours. All of us will have to manage to fit in a small car. (I should've taken lessons from those clowns over at the Circus).

Now, for the long ride there, I have decided to take a few things. My CD player will be with me, of course, along with some extra batteries. I'm also going to take some of my favorite CD's, which includes Radiohead's OK Computer and Tool's ├ćnima. I was also considering taking my new Lord of the Rings DVD, but then I realized I have no DVD player in my car. Sometimes I wish my car is like one of those rappers in those videos.

Anyway, the reason we're headed off to Orlando with my cousins, is that one of my cousins just came from Buffalo yesterday. He goes to a sort of a religious boarding school. He's going to be here in Miami for ten days, so we thought we should make the best of it and take him to Disney World. Amazingly, he's never went to see Mickey Mouse before.

I just came back from Houston the other day, and now I'm headed to Orlando. Hitherto, this summer was turning out to be the worst two months of my life. But now it's starting to get a little better, and I guess it's not all that bad. I just hope the few remaining weeks before college can be as entertaining.