When I was in Colorado, after a 24 hour bus trip from California, snowboarding with the SOS club, we had a party the first day we got there. Actually, we had a party every day. But on this particular day, it was a 'red-green party'. The way this went was that if you were single you wore green, and if you were unavailable, you wore red. Well, one of my friends actually ended up being dumped at this party. So what was he supposed to do? He couldn't change into green, so he had to wear red the whole time, and stand there being tormented by the whole thing. He handled it just about how most people i know would - he got extremely drunk and stumbled home. (i didn't see this because i had been kicked out by a malevolent security guard about an hour before). Then he had to survive a 20+ hour bus ride with this dumb chick too. It was well known that this chick is psycho, but i think it's pretty pathetic that she didn't at least wait until after the party, if not after the trip, to drop a bomb like that.