Torrance is a suburb of Los Angeles with over 100,000 people, found between Long Beach and the airport, near the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Although the town is fairly large, it is charactarized by mainly residential areas and malls, with a large Mobil refinery near the eastern part of town. Torrance contains largely Asian and White residents, and many senior citizens For the most part Torrance is pretty boring, the activity of choice is to drive into a neighboring town such as Manhattan Beach or into Los Angeles. Nearby landmarks are the aforementioned beach, Palos Verdes (full of make-out points), the Del Amo Mall, madrona 'marsh', etc.. I know of one band, the Deviates, who came from torrance. Other than that, it lacks the musical diversity of Orange County, which it somewhat resembles at times.

Dirk Diggler was from Torrance - the only pop culture reference to this city I've seen.