Although you might consider adding one of these stickers to a car to be vandalism, you should also consider the fact that people who unnecessarily drive these SUVs are inflicting 'vandalism' on everything around them, including private property and indeed even people. Up in the Sierras and San Bernadino Mountains, thousands of trees are dying due to ozone damage, much of which is caused by cars. Even setting environmental issues aside, these trees, which are in national forests, are technically public property. Trees are worth a lot of money, in benefits accrued from logging directly, and indirectly via beneifits to watersheds, recreation, aesthetics, etc. This is but one of many problems which are occurring due to smog. Certainly if the sea levels do indeed ever rise and swamp major cities, due to these peoples decadence, this might be considered vandalism too.

I've never stuck one of these stickers on a car, but i cant say i feel sorry for people who find them affixed to their bumpers. However, if you dont want to 'vandalize' SUVS, i suggest visiting and printing some 'tickets' to stick on SUVs instead. It doesnt damage the car in any way, and i think its more funny, anyway.