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There are so many types of weather calamities.. tornados, floods, hurricanes, blizzards... all have tremendous potential for destruction. But I've always thought droughts are the most trying and depressing of all. By definition, they are long lasting - sometimes many years. I grew up in Los Angeles during a seven year drought. When i was a child, i hardly knew what it was to have a good rain.. i had only heard thunder once, and had never run around in a good downpour. Some children supposedly had never even seen rain, and when the rains finally came they panicked - they had no idea what was going on. We couldnt water our lawns, took short showers, and as for toilets - the quote was 'If it's yellow, keep it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down' The days dragged on.. summers without rain are normal - they are natural, the plants know how to deal with it, the people know how to deal with it. But winters without rain.. they seemed empty. Most natural disasters bring life.. after a flood, the land is green, after a fire, wildflowers sprout in the ash-infused soil. A drought leaves everything dead. A land in drought is silent...