The other night i had the first dream i've ever had about Everything2. It took place, at first, in a valley, with a little river flowing out of a small lake. On the west side of the river there was all this gooey stuff which someone told me was 'nodegel', oozing down the walls of the canyon. Nodes (looking sort of like sculptures made from sticks and pine cones, but containing a bit of paper with the text of the node) would be placed on the east side of the river by 'newbies' and whatever other users and would be carried across by the 'Editors' and placed in the goo. Well, for whatever reason, I had been granted Editor privelidges so I started picking up nodes and carrying them across the river. I would randomly throw them into the nodegel across the river and expect them to do something. Eventually, someone, who i think was supposed to be Dannye, started yelling at me for mis-managing the nodes. Apparently I was throwing them around too quickly without getting the consensus of other editors.

I was a bit confused by this time so i decided I'd go wander off into the nodegel and look around. I wandered a ways in and found some really 'bad nodes' - they were just pieces of paper with scribbles all over them. I tried to 'downvote' them but i couldnt find the button in this strange world. So instead i pulled out a marker and scribbled on them. Someone saw me brutalize their node this way and came up to me crying about it. But for some reason, i was evil in the dream, so i just laughed and ripped it up

Then the dream went off on a tangent, and i ended up living in a lesbian commune up on the hill with one of my friends. It was fun until some of the girls there decided to kick me out because i was a guy. Besides, in the dream my girlfriend found out i was living in there and got jealous (don't ask why). I don't remember any more of this dream.