The Amargosa River is probably the weirdest in this fat wad o' rivers i'm noding at the moment. If you see it on a map, you will wonder why it is even there. It starts in some desert mountain range in Nevada and ends in Death Valley. This begs the question of why there is a river in death valley. Well really, there isnt, at least not if you define a river as having water in it. The whole thing is just a big sandy wash. I can't imagine why it got the title of 'river' at all because there are much more interesting washes in the Mojave Desert. I guess it was just wishful thinking on someones part. I actually did see water in it once, during an El Nino right after a thunderstorm. But dont expect it to happen very often. Oddly, although the Amargosa River is pretty much always dry (unless theres a storm going on.. if so stay the heck out of that wash!) there is water in other parts of Death Valley. But you can't drink it. Badwater is a big pool of nasty water about 200 feet below sea level, and theres also a salt creek which has water in places. There are a few species of Pupfish which are endemic to only these pools

if you really want to see water in the Death Valley area go to Darwin Falls. This place has the best tasting (filtered) water i've ever had. always filter before drinking out of a stream. giardia sucks