This is one of those little questions that seem totally benign or friendly, but are extremely annoying. Please never say this. I am 6'5 and if i had a dollar for every time someone asked me if i played basketball, well, I'd have a lot of money. The truth is, i hate basketball. But i hate this question even more.

It is rightfully rude to walk up to a stranger and say 'wow you're really fat' or how short ARE you? are you a jockey?' But for some reason, people don't realize that commenting on tallness is just as annoying as any of these things. Of course I know I'm tall, I am reminded of this every time i hit my head on something. And yes, it has lots of advantages, such as being able to reach high-up objects. However, it also has its downsides, such as not being able to fit into most cars. Either way, tall people definitely don't need to be told they are tall. And please don't ask a total stranger for his/her height! You wouldn't ask a total stranger for their weight or age.

As for basketball, being tall may help, but it isnt any guarantee. I have friends over a foot shorter than me who are far better at basketball than me. I can snowboard, backpack, and do various athletic things, but basketball just isn't one of them. I can jump up and grab basketball rims, but i can't catch a ball to save my life. I'm not too good at dribbling either.

I realize that most people who say this are just trying to be friendly. There are lots of better ways to do this, however, than a tried and tiring old question. Feel free to ask someone about what they like to do. If someone mentions basketball, go ahead and talk about that. But please, don't judge people so immediately by their appearances. It gets old.