I live in an imaginary world.

“You can't live in your imaginary world forever, you need to come out sooner or later,” my friends would tell me. I would reply, “Yes, I can. I’ll have to making a living out of the imaginary world.”

I used to think only people such as writers who write fictional stories could say that, and piss their friends off and/or make them laugh. But now I have realized that I, too, can say that to make my friends shake their heads at me.

But, of course, I have to provide a proof to back me up.

Once in my introduction to analog circuits class, my professor was solving a very complicated equation on the board. I can’t remember what exactly he was solving that day, probably something like open loop and closed loop gain and feedback transfer function (need to make sure that the circuit is stable). After he finished solving this long and stinky equation, he pointed to the solutions to the equation, “If you’re a mechanical engineer, you would care about the real solution. But you’re electrical engineers, so you only want the imaginary solution.” After stating that, he circled the imaginary solution a several times and went on with his lecturing…

So there, I have proved that in my life, I probably care more about imaginary solutions much than the real solutions.

Yeah yeah, it’s not the same “imaginary world,” but it is so fun saying that…