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He wakes up everyday, puts an empty gun in his mouth[Harvard Comma|,] and [Squeeze the Trigger|pulls] the trigger. Well, a mostly empty gun anyway.

John had at one point in his life not been very happy. But not so unhappy that he could commit suicide. As a young boy he held [Midnight with a handgun|a revolver in one hand], bullets in the other but he was [Don't draw your gun if you don't intend to shoot|scared] so he decided to leave it up to God. He put one bullet in and [Russian Roulette|spun] the cylinder just like he saw in the [The Deer Hunter|movies]. He only pulled the trigger once.

Afterwards, John put his dad's gun and the bullets back where he found them but kept the one bullet he loaded into the gun and put it in his pocket. It became a good luck charm, a sign that God wanted him to live.

Later, in [Quarter-life crisis|college], John began to doubt the meaning of it all. And so, being old enough, he dipped into his savings and bought a [.357 Magnum |revolver]; the same kind his dad had. Back in his apartment he took out his lucky bullet, loaded it into a chamber, spun the cylinder, pulled the trigger and heard the gun go *click*.

Now, it wasn't healthy, nor [The crazy things we do to keep ourselves sane|sane] but it got to the point where doing this was a regular thing. Whenever something bad happened, or a big decision was coming, John would get the gun, pull the bullet out of his pocket and see if God wanted him to live.

He did it before every exam in college. He did it after his girlfriend broke up with him. He did it the night before job interviews. It became [|his way] of fortune-telling.

And now, Now John wakes up [.357 Magnum Stress Management System|everyday], puts the gun in his mouth[Harvard Comma|,] and pulls the trigger.

[A great day to pull the trigger, again|Later]